Few words about Georgina Moore


- is my personal passion.

Trusting in my inner knowing is the greatest gift I can give myself and choose to share this with others.

A Special Gift

E ach and everyone comes to earth with a special gift, that lives in our heart. When young, we know intuitively, what that is, we just do it. However over time, this can be forgotten or suppressed by everyday living and restrictions placed upon our freedom to express our uniqueness.

Given the opportunity to follow and act on this inner knowing of our heartfelt gift, places our foot on the path we came here to tread. This, of course at times is challenging, but also incredibly rewarding.

Experiencing and working from our “Inner Self”, allows for Self Respect, Self Love, Inner Peace and Gratitude.

Within Me

A quote from a 10 year old boy, sharing his artistic creation, during “Big Kids – Little Kids” Freedom of Expression Workshop about awakening their senses:-

“For the first time I could see the shapes of nature, feel the breeze, and smell pockets of fragrance” and pointing to his incredibly beautiful creation, he said “I know this comes from within me”

All that I do whether Soul Portraits, workshops, private consultations and Alignments are designed to open hearts to their Inspired Creativity.

Georgina Moore

There is more to me...

A little bit of history

F or more than 35 years Georgina has been exploring personal development, personal empowerment. Her journey led to her experiencing many different modalities and techniques in the healing industry, both here and overseas, however, it was not until hearing about and experiencing 'ALPHA ALIGNMENT'  that she was able to synthesize these into the programmes she now produces and facilitates.

"This is truly a process that, in my personal experience, is the most powerful in aligning the recipient to reach their full potential."

Georgina's passion is '"inspired creativity released". It is her belief that we all have a unique gift that, once expressed fully in the world, creates a sense of gratitude, self esteem and joy of life. Georgina's gift is to be able to see the value of each individual and through the courses and alignments supports participants to be fully expressed in the world.

For many years Georgina traveled to Singapore and Malaysia, running her programmes within the private and professional industry.   It is htre she gained experience working in Companies, bringing balance and heart within the workplace.

Being an accomplished artist, (her works being held in private collections internationally) and skills working with Energy, gives Georgina the ability to see beyond what is there.

This allows for the depth of each individual to be present, whilst at the same time, supporting the clearing of blocked energy, that is unsupportive. The beauty of this work is that each individual is empowered to take responsibility for their own development.  Creating a sense of freedom, lightness and gratitude for everyday life.