Alpha Alignment

For Animals and Owners

Alpha Alignment for Animals and Animal Lovers - Consultations

A process for unblocking the unlimited flow of energy that some refer to as Chi.

On release of the blocked energy, an increase of vitality, clarity of mind, less stress and freedom to express the "True Self" is present.

This allows for balance within the Body/Mind/Spirit, at the same time Harmony in everyday life may be experienced.

The process is simply empowering the recipient to make their OWN decisions, creating freedom to reach their full potential, and enjoy a rich and rewarding life.

What are Alpha Alignments and how will they benefit both Animal and Animal Lover

• Alpha Alignment is a process for unblocking energy – in releasing the blockages the
life force energy, referred to as Chi, starts flowing more readily.

• Benefits experienced include enhance healing, greater energy, vitality, youthfulness
for both animals and animal lovers.

• Animals often reflect whatever may be going on within their owner and by aligning both animal and owner can result in greater relationship and understanding.

• This process compliments healing after surgery, illness or time of distress.

• Reiki and Dog Shiatsu are included

A.S.E.R.T - A Symbolic Experimental Regression Technique

For more in-depth work, A.S.E.R.T is available upon request.

This technique aids in the clearing of negative belief for Past, Present and Future.

For further details please contact Georgina Moore, Facilitator