Animal Alignment

For Animals and Owners

Alignments for Animals and Animal Lovers

• Is your Equine behaving 'out-of-character'?
• Has the vet told you there's nothing 'wrong'?
• Maybe it's time to consider calling an energy healer!

To hold the head of your horse close by and feel the power and energy pulsating through their body is a gift. Horses are sentient energy beings with a high degree of emotional intelligence. And, as an owner you know they have individual personality traits.

But what if you felt that something wasn't quite right?

Your friend isn't ill so there's nothing the vet can do, however, there's a sense of disharmony. Have you ever considered that your animal companion's life force may be blocked?

Energy. That's what makes life possible. But, if it's blocked things will become out of balance.

To unleash the true potential of you equine we have to see beyond what is visible and release those blocks at a depth that can only be felt.

Georgina Moore has worked with releasing energy blocks for almost 40 years. She will cradle your horses' head in her hands and nuzzle in closely, whispering quietly as she finds and removes the blockages.

This process is called ALPHA ALIGNMENT.

It's a process of unblocking the unlimited flow of energy that is often referred to as Chi.

The process is empowering and creates freedom for sentient beings to reach their full potential.

Alignments for Animals and their Owners NOW in Rockingham.